Merrill Corporation


Form N-MFP2 Online Workstation


Welcome to Merrill Corporation’s self-service product for Form N-MFP2 – a monthly SEC reporting requirement on Portfolio Holdings Information for Money Market Funds.

Developed to simplify all aspects of the filing process, this web-based solution adheres to the new tagging, filing and publishing requirements in an automated and convenient process:

  • integrates seamlessly with existing reporting systems to import data
  • converts the data and automatically errors checks and validates the XML file
  • files directly with the SEC and renders a PDF for website publishing
  • provides users easy and convenient access via a web-based application
  • ensures accurate reporting and filings on-time and within compliance
  • stores information for reuse

Merrill’s technology-enabled solutions efficiently and effectively help you meet all your regulatory and business requirements. Serving the money market mutual fund industry for decades, our industry leading processes and solutions are designed specifically to simplify regulated communication challenges, while providing confidence to our clients.